Common Customer Questions

I am thinking of signing-up for Bushel, what happens first?

We will assign a gardener and you will pick a time together for the gardener to visit and talk with you about where to put the garden, what can grow there, and what materials may be needed to ensure a healthy garden. This initial visit costs $30 and is credited back to your account when you buy at least $500 of Bushel service before the end of the year.

What am I obligated to pay if I sign-up for Bushel?

The first step is always a site visit whether you want a new garden or already have one for us to take over. After that $30 cost, you have no obligations whatsoever unless you choose to buy Bushel services.

Do Bushel gardeners get background checks?

Yes, all gardeners are checked to ensure they have no criminal backgrounds. Bushel is committed to the safety of our customers and their homes. If your gardener makes you feel unsafe, we will change your gardener immediately. If you think your gardener has damaged your property, we ask that you alert us along with local law enforcement so that we may cooperate in fixing the problem.

I have a garden that I cannot take care of anymore, can I still use Bushel if I planted the garden myself?

Absolutely, just click the 'Take Over My Garden' option when you sign-up, and we will take your garden from there.

Can Bushel just help me with a single issue or week of maintenance?

Absolutely - if you are having problems with your garden, we can send a gardener to help you find the problem and recommend a solution. If you are going on vacation or something similar, Bushel will happily maintain your garden while you are gone. Lastly, we are happy to help you harvest your garden and can even do garden removal and winter preparation after the growing season ends.

What does Bushel guarantee about the quality of my garden?

Bushel guarantees best efforts by your gardener to deliver the garden you want. It is important to understand that while gardeners can fight issues like a bad growing season, vulnerability to plant disease, and events like bad storms, there is no guarantee that your gardener can defeat these issues.

What if I don't like my gardener or have a problem with the work quality?

Bushel is completely committed to your satisfaction. We will assign a different gardener or ask another gardener to assess your garden and gardener and report to us on whether there are quality issues after fixing them. If the issues are significant enough to reduce the final quality of your garden, we will continue your garden under another gardener at reduced cost or for free on a case-by-case basis.

What do the weekly or full-season costs cover?

The weekly costs cover the gardener's labor and expertise in starting or maintaining your garden. If a gardener sees that you need products to achieve your garden, he or she will tell you and give you the option of buying them through Bushel or at your local supplier.

If you outsource your garden at the start of the season, the cost covers all normal costs: labor and materials to establish and maintain your garden either through to harvest or beyond to fall clean-up and soil preparation. The only costs not covered are upgrades you may choose like a smart garden monitoring solution, and any extraordinary costs if your garden is impacted by disease or pests.

Does Bushel earn money on products I buy through them?

We do not, we offer products through our app and website as a convenience to consumers who don't have time to shop for them.

Have other questions?

No problem, we are here to help, just contact us with your questions!