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Growing Your Own Produce Will Change Your Business

Restaurants, bars, corporate kitchens, and institutions like schools and hospitals are quickly recognizing the advantages of growing their own food. Property managers are hearing demand from their commercial tenants for growing space and recognizing the benefit of using their rooftop and landscaped spaces to meet this demand. A well-designed food garden solution like Bushel's will:

  1. Improve the quality of your ingredients
  2. Reduce the cost of your produce - growing your own food is cheaper!
  3. Deliver hyperlocal food to customers or tenants who increasingly demand food transparency
  4. Offer customers or tenants a gorgeous space - everyone loves to see a garden!
  5. Increase the green space on a roof, reducing water runoff and improving roof temperature
  6. Provide the flexibility of modular design - our standard rooftop garden designs can be reconfigured as they are reused year after year
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Bushel Delivers Food Garden Solutions For Your Unique Needs

We deliver rooftop gardens, elevated indoor/outdoor garden beds, traditional outdoor ground beds, and on-demand professional gardening help to ensure your gardens meet your production needs.

We have pre-designed garden packages and can customize for almost any location and food menu requirements. All of our gardens are designed by our master gardener and our installations are performed by gardeners with real urban gardening experience.

Our Commercial Pricing Is Excellent

We deliver new rooftop garden installations starting at $24/square foot of growable space for our basic, modular design. Even with add-ons like irrigation systems and upgrades like cedar wood beds for more aesthetic gardens, our pricing is significantly lower than our competition - by one measure we are 50% cheaper!

Bushel Has Your Back

Food gardening can be time-consuming for kitchen staff, and we aren't all confident gardeners. Bushel can help you with garden servicing from the same professional urban gardeners who install and design our gardens. We can help you on-demand when things get busy, or on a regular scheduled basis. We can help with planting timing, response to growth or disease and pest issues, reconfiguration of gardens that aren't working

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